Protected Health Information

Episode 10: Know The Rules! Protected Health Information

What is Protected Health Information? The simple answer is ANY information that can be used to identify you from your Protected Health Information (PHI). A total of 18 unique identifiers and must be removed to meet the “Safe Harbor” method. PHI as defined by US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is any information […]

HIPAA Compliance

Episode 9: Know The Rules! HIPAA Compliance – Who Has To Comply?

HIPAA Compliance In 2013, the final Omnibus Rule becomes effective on March 26, 2013, requires Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs) of all sizes to follow HIPAA compliance with most of the HIPAA rule’s provisions, including the modifications to the Breach Notification Rule and the changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. These days most […]

Required or Addressable

Episode 8: Know The Rules! HIPAA Risk Analysis – Addressable or Required

HIPAA Security Addressable or Required The HIPAA Security Rule contains several implementation specifications that are labeled as Addressable or Required specifications. Required – If an implementation specification is described as “required,” the specification MUST be implemented. Addressable – The concept of “addressable implementation specifications” was developed to provide Covered Entities (CEs) and their Business Associates […]