HIPAA Security Culture of Compliance

Episode 23: Know The Rules! HIPAA Security Culture of Compliance

Establishing Your Culture of Compliance Covered Entities (CEs) or Business Associates (BAs) must instill and support a security-minded organizational culture. What the heck does that mean, “Culture of Compliance”? Establishing a “culture of compliance” in your healthcare organization will require buy-in from leadership; without it ALL efforts to secure electronic protected health information (ePHI) will […]


Episode 21: Know The Rules! When Business Associates are NOT Compliant

Required: HIPAA Risk Analysis Today, I discuss the importance of conducting an enterprise-wide risk analysis to identify vulnerabilities to your ePHI, and then steps to execute the required HIPAA Risk Analysis. After the passing of the Omnibus Rule, Covered Entities (CEs) are required to have a signed Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with all their Business […]