Business Associates - Size Doesn't Matter!

Episode 69: Know The Rules! Business Associates – Size Doesn’t Matter!

Size Doesn’t Matter That’s right folks – your size doesn’t matter when it comes to HIPAA compliance. When it comes to HIPAA everyone who creates, receives, maintains, stores, and/or transmits protected health information is required by law to comply. Did You Know? Business Associates (BAs) were invited to the HIPAA party in February 2013, when […]

Am I A Healthcare Business Associate?

Episode 68: Know The Rules! Am I A Healthcare Business Associate?

How Do I Know – Am I A Healthcare Business Associate? These days’ doctors and dentists, known as Covered Entities (CE), outsource their business activities to service providers. Health & Human Services (HHS) defines a “Business Associate” (BA) is a person or entity that performs certain functions or activities that involve the use or disclosure […]

Episode 67: Know The Rules! Security Incident

What if your Business Associates Had A Security Incident? Covered Entities (CEs) believe it’s impossible to determine whether the policies and procedures of their Business Associates (BAs) are adequate to respond effectively to a security incident. To complicate matters, more believe their Business Associates would NOT notify them in the event of a security incident. […]