Business Associate Agreement Management

45 CFR §164.502(e)
45 CFR §164.308(b)

HIPAA alli works with you to develop your Business Associate Agreement Management process after performing our Business Associate Due Diligence (BADD) Review.

Our Business Associate Agreement Management (BAAM) process assigns an account manager responsible for identifying your Business Associates and ensuring the necessary Business Associate Agreements are in place with each of your Business Associates.

Our BAAM process also assists you by developing processes to:

  • • Negotiate and enter into Business Associate Agreements with Business Associates prior to disclosing protected health information to them.
  • • Develop a standard template Business Associate Agreement to meet your specific needs.
  • • Maintain documentation of each Business Associate Agreement for at least six (6) years.
  • • Create a process to limit disclosures of protected health information to Business Associates to the minimum necessary.

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Developing your BAAM process will help you understand the risks and requirements detailed within your Business Associate Agreements.

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