Healthcare Business Associates

Are you a small to mid-size healthcare Business Associate – new to healthcare and HIPAA, feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do, learn and now you need to perform a comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, what the heck does that mean!

Are you looking of a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis solution designed especially for YOU?

You’ve come to the right place!

We focus on educating YOU on the importance of creating, developing, and implementing your own Healthcare Cybersecurity Awareness training & Information Governance Program.

This is accomplished by focusing on educating healthcare providers (known as Covered Entities) and Business Associates on the importance of HIPAA compliance awareness through an understanding of computer security with a whole lot of applied common sense.

As a Business Associate the electronic protected health information you create, receive, maintain, store and/or transmit to others is critical to your business, your livelihood, and your legacy, and vital to the care of your client’s patients.

The Security Management process is your organization’s strategy for handling risks and a comprehensive HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is seen as one of the most important first step to a thorough Security Management Process.

HIPAA alli guides our clients through the overwhelming, confusing and complex process of the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. We focus on educating Business Associates on the importance of creating, developing, and implementing their own HIPAA Security Risk Analysis & Information Governance Program to meet your daily business needs.

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