Members Only Forum

You are invited to join us as a Founding Member in our new Members Only forum!!

Last week, in “Episode 83: Know The Rules! Members Only” we announced that we moving our blog to a Members Only forum.

When Does This Happen?

Beginning June 2019, HIPAA alli will begin publishing “Know The Rules!” for our members ONLY.

We are making the change with this episode and all future episodes.

What will be in the Members Only forum?

Our plan is to continue to offer you the same valuable content you have become accustomed to and so much more!!

Here is some of what our new Members Only forum will include:

  • • Member Forum
  • • Know The Rules! Episodes
  • • Secret Facebook Group
  • • Monthly Newsletter
  • • Monthly Training Webinars* (Gold Membership)


  • • Access to exclusive Founding Members only offers!!

Monthly Training Webinars*

Each month we will host a free webinar for our members based on current industry trends and member input. Our webinars will be presented by Kimberly Shutters and our goal is to host other industry professionals to round out your compliance training.

Member Forum

Members will receive their own personal login upon enrollment.

Know The Rules! Episodes

All future episode of “Know The Rules!” will be for our members only. All future episodes will ONLY be available to YOU, our members!

Secret Facebook Group

Our secret Facebook group allows members to ask questions, read answered replies, and obtain and upload shared files, documents, and other information.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month members will receive our newsletter for regulatory, compliance, industry changes and our most up-to-date healthcare breach summary report.

Why Should You Join?

As a Business Associate, it is important to understand how to assess and manage your risks. How do you do that?

With a little help from your friends at HIPAA alli!

Join us as we create something new and we want YOU to be part of it to help us design it.

We hope you will join us as we move “Know The Rules!” to a new paid Members Only forum.


Two Week Taster Membership ($15.00)

Silver Membership ($29.99)

Gold Membership* ($39.99 per month)