Compliance Services

HIPAA alli Services

HIPAA alli guides our clients through the overwhelming, confusing and complex process of the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. We focus on educating Business Associates on the importance of creating, developing, and implementing their own HIPAA Security Risk Analysis & Information Governance Program to meet your daily business needs.

They include:

Security Risk Analysis & Risk Management

HIPAA alli partners with healthcare Business Associates (BAs) to perform a complete Security Risk Analysis (Assessment) and develop your Security Risk Management Plan. Our Security Risk Analysis (Assessment) involves performing a detailed analysis, research, and documentation of the Security Risks identified for your practice as required by the HHS Security Rule.

Business Associates

HIPAA alli partners with you to ensure Business Associates (BAs) to assist you with protected health information (PHI) are in compliance. We offer Due Diligence Assessments, Documentation Reviews, Audits, and Business Associate Agreements and Management Services.

HIPAA Compliance Mentor

HIPAA alli partners with Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs) to offer mentoring services to assist with their HIPAA Security Compliance program needs.

Policies & Procedures – HIPAA Privacy & Security

HIPAA alli partners with your organization to design your compliance program with the required elements and offers recommendation for the addressable elements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.