Ex-Spouse and HIPAA Collide

Episode 65: Know The Rules! Case Study – Ex-Spouse and HIPAA Collide

Did You Know? A box containing 5 years of protected health information (PHI) had been returned to Hanger Clinic in Florida by a former employee’s ex-spouse. This is not the first time a former and HIPAA collide. Hanger Breach Details On September 17, 2018, a box of patient insurance documents from 2009 – 2014 were […]

Episode 49: Know The Rules! 2018 Wall of Shame Business Associate Breaches

Health & Human Services (HHS) Wall of Shame Covered Entities (CEs) are not alone when it comes to experiencing a healthcare breach. Business Associates (BAs) are at a greater risk by their limited knowledge, understanding, and/or implementation of the HIPAA Security and Breach Notification Rules in their organization. HIPAA Breach Notification Rule The HIPAA Breach […]

Security Incident

What’s a Security Incident? When is it a Breach?

When a security incident happens and when they do, effective response planning can be a major factor of how significant an organization suffers operational or reputational harm or legal liability. Being able to respond to incidents in a systematic way ensures appropriate response steps are taken each time to help minimize the impact of breaches. […]