Offshoring Protected Health Information

Offshoring Protected Health Information …

Could This Have Been Offshored Protected Health Information … While all the facts are not in and only time will tell IF both of these healthcare data breaches were the results of offshoring protected health information. Shared with permission from: Elizabeth Burke, BA, CCS The Hippocratic Oath Must Extend To The Business Office: Confronting and […]

Ex-Spouse and HIPAA Collide

Episode 65: Know The Rules! Case Study – Ex-Spouse and HIPAA Collide

Did You Know? A box containing 5 years of protected health information (PHI) had been returned to Hanger Clinic in Florida by a former employee’s ex-spouse. This is not the first time a former and HIPAA collide. Hanger Breach Details On September 17, 2018, a box of patient insurance documents from 2009 – 2014 were […]

Protected Health Information

Episode 40: Know The Rules! Securing Their Protected Health Information

Are You Securing Their Protected Health Information? Covered Entities, Business Associates, and patients alike must all be able to trust that their protected health information (PHI) remains private and secure. If your patients lack trust in your Electronic Health Records (EHRs) system they may not want to disclose ALL of their confidential health information to […]

Health Information Private & Secure

Episode 24: Know The Rules! Keep Your Health Information Private & Secure

Tips For Keeping Your Health Information Safe There are laws that protect the privacy of your health information held by those who provide you healthcare services. But as it becomes easier to get and share your own health information online, you need to take steps to protect it. Does HIPAA Protect All Health Information? No! […]

Mobile Devices

Episode 16: Know The Rules! Mobile Devices and PHI

Mobile Devices in Healthcare These days more mobile devices and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices are more powerful and hold more information than ever before and pose heightened security risks. This includes your smartphone, tablet, medical device (medical equipment storing electronic protected health information [ePHI]), and any other type of equipment that provides convenient […]

Protected Health Information

Episode 10: Know The Rules! Protected Health Information

What is Protected Health Information? The simple answer is ANY information that can be used to identify you from your Protected Health Information (PHI). A total of 18 unique identifiers and must be removed to meet the “Safe Harbor” method. PHI as defined by US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is any information […]

Does Your Doctor Keep Your Protected Health Information Secure?

Notice of Privacy Practices Today, I visited my local dentist office for a new patient consultation and to interview them before selecting them as my Covered Entity (CE). After examining the waiting room and completing the necessary paperwork, I was called into the treatment room. During my appointment I met several different staff members, including […]